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Why We Chose to Keep Our Son Intact

Not long after finding out we were having a son, I started doing my research on the topic of circumcision. I had assumed we would have it do...

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Why Coffee, Wine & Rain

Those three things help get me through each day.

I tell my son that the Keurig machine is where mommy gets her power.

Wine is my reward for making it through the long days of mothering. (And for waiting until he stopped nursing at night to start sipping it again! That was hard!)

And rain brings me back to earth. It is so grounding and calming. Even though it's the middle of the summer, I'm so glad to have had my baby during monsoon season. Listening to the pounding rain and rolling thunder while rocking him to sleep or being stuck under him when he does pass out helps relax my nerves. 

I have come to truly enjoy reading the blogs of fellow mothers and mothers to be in the past year. It has helped give me advice on what to expect and make me laugh when nothing goes as expected. There are so many fabulous blogs out there with real down to earth women who tell it like it is. And I'd like to do that too. 

If you take the time to read this, yay! Thank you! But I'm doing this for me. I know it is important to have hobbies that do not require the diaper bag or Ergo. So this will be one of those hobbies, and it's just easy to do from the comfort of my bed with my sweet babe lying next to me(smiling in his sleep :) while I sip my wine!

There a few topics on my mind you can expect to hear about soon...
        ....home birth
                    .....organic pregnancy 
                               ....what a new mom needs and how her non-mommy friends can help
                                       .....what you plan for and what really happens when you have a newborn
                                               .....what dad can actually do to help out(for reals)

I'm excited to share this with other mom friends and hear your comments. What else do you want to talk about? Laugh about? Hear the truth about? Comment below and let me know! 

😘 Kayla

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