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Wear That Baby!

Babywearing has saved my life...

Okay, that might be a little dramatic. But it has saved my sanity. And my squish is only 3 months old. I know this wrapping/wearing thing is going to be immensely helpful as he gets older. From when he was just a day old I have been practicing wearing him.
Baby wearing blog from a new mom
Two days old, first time wearing the Moby with Cal

At a Just Between Friends sale I got a Moby and Baby Bjorn(not recommended) and then received a few rings slings as gifts and an Ergo too. The ring slings took a while of wearing to get used to finding the right position. The Ergo is definitely the easiest since it is a soft structured carrier that you just buckle on. But I like the comfort of the Moby. It's soft, stretchy, and with a few YouTube videos it's easy to put on.
Baby wearing blog from a new mom

A few soon-to-be moms mentioned they don't like babywearing while at a restaurant because it's too hard to eat so they will use an infant carrier instead. I considered this and was worried at first since we opted to go with a convertible car seat but when they are so tiny it's easy. The ring sling was simple to slide him into and he usually just falls asleep so I can talk and eat very easily. I usually try to sit him to the side and not so centered on my body, that way I can scoot up to the table pretty well and he doesn't get too much food on his head.
Baby wearing blog from a new mom
First walk at the park, using the Ergo

As for saving my sanity, there have been times where Cal is just so tired and cranky but has the hardest time falling asleep for a nap and then wakes when I even think about putting him down. So I wear him and let him sleep on me and he takes the longest naps(1-2 hours) and I get that quiet time to read, watch tv, work, or do some light housework.
Baby wearing blog from a new mom
Mesh ring sling in the pool. Hugging him close even though he was super secure.
A few times it was so hard to get him to fall asleep that I didn't dare put him down and I managed to put the Moby wrap on while holding him(usually you put it on first and then insert baby). That was interesting. I just made up some sort of kangaroo carry and it worked. I had tried to Google "alternative Moby wrap positions" but didn't find anything so I'll have to do a video on it myself!
Baby wearing blog from a new mom
Kangaroo carry I made up myself with the Moby wrap

I'd love to get a woven wrap and have been researching different types. My mom and sister offered to chip in to help pay for it since they can be a little pricey. But they are beautiful and so versatile!

Lately Cal loves to face out so he can see everything so babywearing has been challenging but being able to use a woven and do a back ruck carry would be helpful I think. I am going to the Babywearing International of Tucson meeting this Saturday to try on a woven, learn how to use it and get some tips on buying on.

Motherhood is a lot of work, especially as a new mom just figuring everything out, so being able to make things easier with babywearing has really helped. Plus I know the time he spends so close to me is so important, he feels safer and I relax knowing he is safe and resting. Plus it actually helps with his development to be close to me, not in a stroller or car seat. Yay for attachment parenting!

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