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Photography For Sale

As a new mom I know it is important to continue my own hobbies and pursue my own interests, besides motherhood. Doing this helps keep me sane, brings me joy and fills my time with satisfying pursuits instead of watching TV.

Photography has always been an interest of mine since I was in my teenage years. I taught myself how to use a DSLR camera and also how to edit photos in Photoshop Lightroom. Over the last 5 years or so I took thousands of photos and greatly enjoyed editing them and sharing them with family and friends.

So I decided to try to sell a few of my favorites. I created a shop on Etsy, which was pretty easy to do. Etsy makes it very simple to set up and walks you through the whole process. I think I was done in about an hour. I also created an account with a very highly ranked professional photo processing lab that will print the photos for me and mail them to my customers. This not only makes the buying process easier but you get a very high quality professionally printed photo, not some some cheap Walmart quality print.

You can view my Etsy store here:
Sleek Fox Art on Etsy

I have received the sample prints from this lab in many different finishes and they do beautiful work! The color is 100% accurate and the finish is amazing!

Here are the prints I currently have up for sale in my Etsy store that you can purchase. I sell them in different size prints but can also have them printed on a canvas, mat board, or even metal for you. I will also add more photos to my Etsy store as I take them and have time to upload them. I'm very picky on which ones I sell, they have to be a photo I consider to be 5 stars.

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